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Distribution  problem

(1) from the perspective of the allocation of resources distribution, think "distribution in the form of modern shipping realization of resource allocation of economic activity". (1) distribution is part of the allocation of resources; (2) is the final configuration, it is close to the customer configuration; (3) distribution of the main economic activity is delivery, emphasizing the "modern" two words; (4) distribution is close to the customer for a period of circulation field, has its limitations.

(2) from the perspective of physical movement form, distribution is considered "in accordance with the requirements of users to order goods in distribution center or logistics nodes, and appears to be the most reasonable way to user's economic activity." After just one definition (or meaning) is concerned, the scholars put forward five points: 1) the whole process of the allocation of resources of distribution is close to the user. (2) distribution is the essence of delivery, is not an accident, is a kind of fixed form, or even an established organization, channels, for sure, a set of equipment and management strength, technical strength, forms a set of system of system, is the modern high levels of delivery form. (3) distribution is a "transfer" form of logistics. (4) distribution is match with the organic combination of form. (5) distribution is based on user requirements as the starting point of activity. (based on requirements, guide the customer)。

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